How to get more clients in your salon using social media

One of the obstacles you may face when starting your own business as a salon professional is getting new clients to use your services. 

When moving away from a salon you worked in, it will be easy to get your existing clients to follow you as more than likely they used the salon for YOU! 

So along with existing clients that you already have, here are some tips on getting NEW clients through social media. 

1. You need to post content regularly - Content is king! 

Not only does content help you to stay in the mind of potential new clients, but it also helps you with showing up on Google. 

So what content should I be posting? 

  • You should post about the work you have done in the salon, talk about the services you do each and every day and make sure you take before and after photos to support your words. 
  • Post about your team, take selfies and post about what you enjoy doing in the salon or hobbies outside of work 
  • Are you supporting any charities? Some salons run the Macmillan Coffee Mornings, get plenty of photos and thank your clients for their support 
  • Tips! Give your clients tips on how to keep their hair healthy or tell hem useful tips you have found out during your time in the industry. 

The more varied your posts are, the more likes and interests you will get. Remember, it's not all just about likes, its about engagement and people commenting...ask questions! 

2. Make sure that each and every one of your posts has a clear call to action (CTA) 

Whenever you post, make sure you put on a clear call to action as someone you know, maybe an existing client will share your post and a NEW client can instantly call you to make that appointment. Here is an example of the perfect CTA: 

To book your hair colouring appointment, call us now on [insert phone number here] or you can book an appointment via our online booking system on [enter web address] 

If you don't put a call to action on your posts, you are missing a trick as you're making it much more difficult for people to get in touch. 

3. Use decent images with every social media post 

Visuals are a great way to grab the attention of people scrolling through their timelines. Use photos with crisp colours and clear vision - not blurred. A bad photo is often worse than none at all. 

How often have you just scrolled and scrolled pasts posts on your timeline as they look boring. 

4. Post at the right time 

Think about when you use social media, a great time to post is in the evening after 7.30pm, people are often watching the soaps at the time and catching up on what their friends are doing. Just remember to use the correct CTA for the evening - so people dont call the salon when you're not there. 

5. Use the correct hashtags 

Hashtags are a way of linking your social media posts with a particular conversational online topic. For example, somebody searching for red hair will search for #redhair and if you have used that in your post, the social post will be visible to them. Just make sure the hash tag you use is relevant to the post. 

6. Don't post just for the sake of posting 

Sometimes businesses post on social media because they feel they need to do it daily, I mean, this is the best way to stay in your clients minds, however, posting pointless content can actually lead to people unfollowing your page. With every post you submit, THINK "is this adding value?" if not, don't post it!

7. Post client feedback 

The best way to ensure people want to to use YOU is by the feedback from others, this creates validity on the services your provide. If your client Jasmin has had the best colouring service from you and leaves you a review, make sure you share it. Customer feedback is the best way to generate new sales and income. 

8. Make your existing clients your marketing team 

Create a microsite with Score a Salon and every photo you add, every ohoto your clients add and with every review that is left on your listing, you can instantly share to social media at the click of a button. 

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Now, it is more important than ever to promote your business, with the amount of salons increasing by 2%, that's 42,370 salons across the UK - that's a lot of competition.