Why your potential clients are influenced by reviews

Have you ever made an online purchase, maybe in Amazon, eBay or whichever site? Then you have, most likely, come across a typical online review. It could have been a poorly spelled chronicle on a user’s experience with a product, an aggregated star rating for service, or experience. Characteristically, that is a customer review. But, what effect does it really have for your salon?

Though customer reviews may vary in terms of their thoroughness and comprehensibility, they wield a lot of influence on brand performance. Online reviews are essential for your marketing campaigns-they can make or break a sale!

Buying Decisions

Typical of the beauty industry, and in particular local hair dressers and local beauticians, most clients rely on recommendations and opinions of other people. Increasingly, online customers are trusting and relying on online reviews. A 2015 survey by survey by Bright Local, found that 88 % of clients trust online reviews as they trust personal recommendations-quite astonishing since most reviews are posted by strangers. The same survey established that 12 % of customers did not bother to read reviews when purchasing a product or service.

What does this imply for your salon?

Simple. Not offering your salon user reviews is similar to isolating 88% of your potential customers! You are simply denying them the critical information they require to make their buying decisions. Potential clients heavily rely on the information provided by your salon review website to lead them to a salon with integrity and credibility. Therefore, as a salon owner, you have to ensure that your website provides for customer reviews. With customers increasingly spending time on the internet, you cannot fail to have a salon review website-Customers rely more on information from the internet

Can the quality or quantity of reviews affect conversions?

Absolutely yes!

The more reviews you have for your salon services, the higher the conversion rate. Note that the keyword here is “reviews” and not good “reviews” as you are susceptible to think. Surprisingly, the presence of bad salon reviews will also have a progressive effect on your customer conversion rate-when blended with the good review since it shows that you are not hiding anything and authenticates the good reviews. Imagine finding a service or product with several 5-star reviews without a negative review-you’d most likely be doubtful, wouldn’t you? Therefore, the more reviews your salon has, the more honest they are likely to be, and the more you are likely to sell- as long as the positive reviews overwhelm the negative reviews.

On-site and Off-site Ranking Advantage

With most businesses going online, you definitely want your potential customers to easily find your website online. And, content plays a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, customer reviews help in providing unique content- and this means that your online salon business will be seen as an authority- thereby enabling it to achieve higher rankings on google.

When your salon has several positive reviews on external sites, the impact on SEO is even greater. Google’s local search algorithm integrates information from third-party review sites and directories which review entire businesses as opposed to single products or services. Therefore, instead of reviewing a single product or service to influence a buyer’s decision, these external site reviews provide an aggregative review of your business which will determine whether potential customers want to be associated with your brand.

Conclusively, your salon review website plays a vital role in influencing potential customers’ buying decisions. The reviews build trust in your brand and quality of service. As a business owner, you should ensure that your website has a reviews section. It will help!

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