Sun drenched in dread - The British Summer wardrobe

The small amount of sun we get in England means I HAVE NO CLOTHES!! 

How many of you had the exact same thought? 

Ok, I may devote 1 whole day to holiday clothes shopping when I'm off to the medditeranean but why would I even think to buy summer clothes for good old rainy England??

Anyway, it's been a pain for me this last few weeks, rummaging around in the wardrobe which is drowned in long sleeve shirts and cardiagans and that amazing oversized denim jacket I bought....which I cant even wear! 

Here are my top tips for shopping for British Summer...

1. Always think about layers...Ok, tank tops are not the most desirable item of clothing, but they work with cardigans, jackets and when that sun appears from behind the clouds, just whip off the layers and become a bronzed goddess....simples. 

2. Carry those Raybans (or the fake ones you bought from Turkey last summer) AT ALL TIMES. Sunglasses can make even a winter coat look more 'Summer'y...(Is that a word?) 

3. Be that girl who wears a hair elastic on your wrist, there is nothing worse than greasy roots....sweaty ends!...get your hair tied up for an instant refreshed look and feel. 

4. That burning sensation between the legs...No, I dont need to see a's called chafing! Its for those of us unlucky enough not to have a #thighgap, you can purchase Lanacane Anti-chafing Gel from your local Boots store for around a fiver...make sure you take it in your clutch, your handbag and whenever you go for those summer strolls. 

5. SHAVERS...Nothing worse than sitting on a picnic blanket with friends or on a first date and it looks like you have a furry anklet on...

These are just some of my Summer buying you have any? 

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