Why salon reviews are important...

We all have that huge amount of dread when our hairdresser goes on maternity leave, our nail technician moves to a different area or our AMAZING massage therapist goes travelling for a year. 

Who shall we turn to? Who can we trust? and more importantly...will I feel comfortable? 

Salon reviews in the UK are very sparse.We can search on Facebook, but the fact the salon hasn't posted since 2012 is quite worrying. Salon reviews are so significant to anyone looking for a new hairdresser or other service, we want to know the ins and outs of the complete customer journey - will they offer me a drink? will the conversation flow?  Can I sit their in silence enjoying the experience without feeling like I have to talk? 

When we go on holiday, we tend to turn to TripAdvisor...for such a big commitment of your family holiday being in your responsible hands, we read through all the reviews we can before making an informed decision. 

So when its a part of you, whether its your nails, hair or skin, you should feel completely comfortable and have the best person for the job. 

Did you know... 

88% are influenced by online customer service reviews when making buying decisions.

Score a Salon is a salon review website where you simply enter the name of the salon you are going to visit and you can read reviews, you can even leave reviews for your favourite salon too. Visit the UKs free salon review website and search now.