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Basic profile includes:

- List your business name and contact details including phone number and address
- If you are home based or mobile, you can hide your address from the public, however, you will still show in the results for potential customers in your area 

Upgrade to premium to: 

- Add a profile banner and display picture 
- Update your status to show what is unique about your business 
- List your opening times 
- Link your page to your social media pages 
- Upload photos to your gallery 
- Upload offers and promotions (These promotions will show on the dashboard for any customer logged in within a 20 mile radius of your business address) 
- Showcase your staff by creating a profile on them including an image and description 
- List job vacancies and even receive CV's via your profile 
- Get reviews from your customers and share these via social media 


- Get reviews from your clients to help boost your exposure locally
- Quickly share reviews and photos to your social media channels
- Grow your customer base via our salon search tool
- 14 days homepage advertising in a county of your choice
- Get loyalty points to use towards advertising with every review you receive
- Access to a supplier/business directory with huge discounts
- Mentions on Score a Salon social media

A video tutorial on how to set up your listing

£30 a month or £300 per year.